Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP)

Sol Solution (France) is the premier specialist in compaction and bearing capacity control equipment since 1992.


  • Designed for preliminary soil investigation and compaction control 
  • French compaction control standard NF  P 94-105 compliance
  • Portable and compact design - Everything fits in a (62 x 50 x 23cm) suitcase!
  • Weight: 21 kg
  • Real time result with graph

The portability of the PANDA® has made it the top selling dynamic cone penetrometer for compaction control. PANDA® is widely used in France and abroad, in more than 65 countries.    

  • All data (reference and refusal curves and anomalies calculation) are directly accessible and viewable in situ on the Dialog Terminal screen.


Mechanical rod extractor (optional)

The mechanical ball extractor can be used to extract PANDA® rods that have been driven into the ground manually or by the automatic hammer.
It greatly facilitates rod extraction when the operator is having difficulty doing so using the integrated system included in the PANDA® carrying case  

Automatic Hammer (Optional)

Substitute manual hammering, excellent for large numbers of tests, and to help conduct deep surveys.A 20 kg hammer is dropped from a fixed or adjustable height, to adapt to the ground resistance encountered. Thus, the hammering energy can be constant or variable. The PANDA® still collects the measurements. The hammer uses a pneumatic power supply. This equipment is still easy to operate and one person can load it into a vehicle.  

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