Site Investigation EQUIPMENT

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer


  PANDA® 2 Dynamic Penetrometer

  • Investigation on sites with remote or restricted access 
  • Water level can be entered 
  • Various scales and measurement units  (depth, pressure, linear, log….) 
  • Selection of geotechnical outputs through onboard correlation (CBR, CPT, SPT, Cu…) 
  • Selection of outputs relating to scales, measurement units, elevation, water level. 

Lightweight CPT System


 HYSON 100 kN-LW

  • 10 ton pushing force 
  • designed for use with limited access space
  • low weight (only 85 kg) 
  • compact size (165 x 310 mm without anchors)



 HYSON 200 kN 

  • 20 ton pushing force 
  • twin-cylinder penetrometer with control unit and power pack 
  • can be mounted on a frame, vehicle or jack-up platform 

CPT Penetrometers


 HYSON, static CPT penetrometer

  • H-form twin hydraulic cylinder set 

COSON, continuous CPT penetrometer

  • time saving of about 7 s/m 
  •  automatic CPT rod screw 

Site Investigation EQUIPMENT


Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)

With 50 years of knowledge and experience in building Cone Penetration Test equipment for onshore in-situ soil investigation. a.p. van den berg (The Netherland) provides a complete range of solutions including pushing systems that are available separately as well as mounted on a frame or vehicle. 

With continuous product development from its own engineering & development department, you are assured of the latest technology. In-house production and enginnering allows for tailor-made CPT systems, while the first class service & support guarantee an optimal use and life-time of your equipment. 


Digital Data Acquisition System

  •  standard parameters qc, fs, U, Ix/y
  • cone tip area 5, 10 or 15 cm²
  • optional memo function 16 Mbit (circa 8 hrs. CPT operations) 
  • data registration, storage and processing in the field
  • office package for data management and presentation


Digital Click-On Module Cone System

Click-on module system allows maximum flexibility:

  1. Seismic
  2. Conductivity
  3. Vane
  4. Magneto


AUTOCOSON, robot CPT penetrometer


  • evolving carousel for storage and preparation of the CPT rods for the next step
  • fully automatic placement and removal of CPT rods with the screw
  • fully continuous CPT progression with the COSON
  • compact design, making the retractable hatch on the roof superfluous
  • the robot is operated from a touch-screen human-machine interface (HMI) as in most A.P. van den Berg CPT systems
  • wireless data transmission (Optocone)

CPT Truck


 A.P. van den Berg has more than 40 years’ experience in manufacturing CPT Trucks based on many diff erent trucks and models. The all-wheel drive 6x6 model has proven most popular among customers. The frame of the truck is reinforced with a sub frame to take the forces occurring during the Cone Penetration Tests. The truck’s total weight is sufficient to provide the maximum pushing force.The well-proven twin cylinder HYSON 200 kN penetrometer is installed in the CPT Truck. The hydraulic upper clamp is an effi cient addition to the functionality of the HYSON 200 kN. The penetrometer is operated via the touch screen (HMI). 

CPT Crawler


  The CPT Crawler provides the same high production rates and reliability as the CPT Truck, with the advantage of tracks for better manoeuvrability in rough or soft terrain. The crawler is the only option at sites where the maximum allowed height is limited. Of course a separate carriage is required for transport of the crawler.
The twin-cylinder HYSON 200 kN can be built on a 15 tons crawler which is suitable for pushing forces up to 150 kN or on a 20 tons crawler that provides counterforce up to 200 kN. The penetrometer is operated via the touch screen (HMI) Design can be based on customer specific requirements and/or existing crawler vehicles/chassis.